The ECU Queer Collective is a student-run group at Edith Cowan University with the following objectives:

  • Representation, advocacy & support for all Queer & Questioning students of the University.
  • Consultation with the ECU Student Guild and the University on behalf of the Queer, Questioning & Allied students of the University.
  • Opportunities for Queer & Questioning students of the University, through social, educational, and equity-based events provided by the EQC.
  • Safe space/s for Queer & Questioning students of the University to meet, converse & fulfill the objectives of the EQC.

To this end, we run events on campus at Joondalup & Mt Lawley, as well as off-campus events. These events are a mix of social events, as well as education events for both the members of this Collective, and for the wider public to learn about queer issues.

Your Queer Officers for 2015 are Natalia Velma Moorin and Megan le Roux. Feel free to contact either of us in person and through the Collective’s email and facebook page.

To get involved with the Collective, you can email us at ecu.queer.collective@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook. You can also fill out this form to be on our mailing list.

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